Filter Cages UK
Filter Cages, Inserts, Pads, Wire Rings, Venturis, Wire Rods
We manufucture Filter Cages/Filter Sleeve Inserts.
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Not only do we make the cages, but FilterPlus specialise in maintenance and fitting of dust extractors, so they can fit them for you! Visit their website at for more details or email Alan at
Reactolite is the ultimate leak detection system for all types of dust extraction. Using a combination of unique UV powder, and a UV light source, it will easily detect the locations of any possible defects in your dust extraction system. Visit their website at or email Alan at
Need some other filters for your air conditioning or spray booths? FilterMax manucture all types of air handling filters, grease filters, AC filters, spray booth filters and carbon filters, along with all types of filter spares. Visit their website at or email Kay at